Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Boston Tea Party

On Sunday 11 July, I attended the Boston Tea Party. No, I am not Dr Who on a time travelling adventure. This tea party took place in the original Boston in Lincolnshire and was organised by the Freedom Association.

The tea party movement in the United States has taken the country by storm. Ordinary citizens who are sick and tired of high taxes and government waste, have come together to voice their opposition to the ruling elite. This is what we did a few days ago. As well as dumping tea into the river, we also heard short speeches from Roger Helmer MEP (Conservative), Derek Clark MEP (UKIP), and Robin Tilbrook, the leader of the English Democrats.

We British are not good at taking to the streets and protesting. We tend to complain to our friends and relatives, maybe write the odd letter to the press, and sign a petition or two, but usually that’s as far as it goes. Remember, if you want change, you have to campaign for it. How about setting up a TPA branch in your area? If this interests you, Grassroots Manger, Fiona McEvoy will happily hear from you.

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