Monday, 28 December 2009

How many council snoopers can enter you home?

Big Brother Watch recently sent out Freedom of Information requests to every council in the country to find out how many of their employees have the right to enter your home. For our region, the results are alarming.

According to the Hull Daily/East Riding Mail today, 115 council employees from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council can enter your home using 1043 different powers. In Hull, the picture is better, but there are still 33 employees who can use these powers.

To give some perspective, the national average is 47 officials per local authority. This places Hull below the national average and the East Riding almost two and a half times above the national average.

If anyone needs evidence of how the bully state is entering our lives in ways very few people are aware of, this is it. One of the questions on the lips of many people in the East Riding is why County Hall in Beverley needs to give so many of its officials such sweeping powers. Another question is why parliament has allowed councils to have these powers in the first place. The council’s reply will make interesting reading and all of this needs to be addressed by a future government.


  1. Cheryl Stevenson12 January 2010 at 06:44

    I always said that ERYC is worse than the Hullcc! ERYC might be an 'excellent council' but by whose standards? ERYC is a conservative council isn't it? Raises questions I think.

  2. Here in Barnsley when I refused one of these officials entrance to my home, after he claimed to be there to talk about a gas supply I didn,t have, A policeman and two PCSO's came out of hiding and forced their way into my home. The local authority in Barnsley routinely abuse their powers on any number of matters, they should not have these powers, they cannot be trusted with these powers. This is why we need "True Democracy in the UK" so that we the people have the power to keep these little hitlers under control. and to rid ourselves of the worst offenders.
    Edward Devoy